Biggest Barriers in Starting your Own Business: Excuses

Biggest Barriers in Starting your Own Business: Excuses

Everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone is blessed with a unique brain and everyone has unique ideas in their mind. Many peoples want to become an entrepreneur and start their own business. But in reality, everyone could not be successful. The only thing that separates success from the idea in action. Without an action an idea is pointless. People have ideas but they don’t have the courage to take action. Things that obstructs people from taking action is an Excuse. Excuse that they give to themselves. There are many excuses; here are some that I discussed here:


1. Where To Start –

This is the first and foremost excuse that comes in mind when a person is planning to start any business. The first thought that comes in mind and became the last one. Because above this people can’t think anymore. So if you want to be successful than find out a solution for it. Think above this excuse. Here are some solutions for you, that really helps you.

· First of all, write down your idea.

· Make a research on your competitors.

· List down the supplements you required for your business.

· List the strategies you use to engage your customers.

These are some basics steps you need to follow. But it will definitely work well if you are planning to start just follow these steps.

2. I Don’t Have Time –

All the billionaires and entrepreneurs have a day of 24 hours. They are not blessed with some extra hours a day. But with their passion, hard work, determination they succeed. To have a success full business all you need an idea, courage, and skills of proper time management. You have to design your time table in such a manner so you can give your 100 percent to your work. When you work for it, you will definitely achieve it.

3. I Don’t Have Money –

This is the biggest excuse that everyone gives when planning to start a business. Money is a requirement of a business, but when you have a good idea money can be arranged. There are several businesses that can be a startup without making any investment.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

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