Failure Hurt – How We Define Failure?

Failure Hurt – How We Define Failure?

Failure hurts. It is people judging you, and telling you that you simply aren’t ok for whatever standards they need set. Losing in exams means you were not able to retain the information asked in the exam. Does it mean you are stupid in some way? No. But what exactly is the problem? Our parents, teachers, and our friends judge by these failures. We absorb that subconsciously and start thinking of our worth in terms of the marks we get, and later on by money we make. If we get great marks we are successful. If we have a big house, a fancy car, we are successful. And if not, we are losers.
Can we define failure?

What actually failure or unsuccessful is? Is there any proper definition of failure and unsuccessful? The answer is No. We can’t define success. We can’t measure it in any unit.
The real danger, however, is once we commit all of it and start to evaluate ourselves by this so-called failure of ours.
Don’t let these failures define you. You are beyond that. You are way more than the days you’ve got failed. You are over the grades you’re given. If you have failed multiples times. So what?
There are no grades given for how sensitive a person is. There are no grades given for how kind a person is, or how helpful or how funny. And no grades for the degree of friendship you have cultivated over the years. There are no grades for loving. No grades for laughing.
And yet, friendship, laughter, love, kindness, hope, joy, generosity – these are the foremost important things in life. And there’s not one grade to live that.
There are no grades given for LIFE. Failing multiple times does not mean you are called Loser. What important is how you start for the next attempt and move towards success. As we all know “Failures are stepping stone to Success”.

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  1. Nice thought.

    Actually the fact is that failure is part of daily life but it is the backbone of a success
      Absolutely right….


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