In a relationship, the biggest mistake we make

  1. In a relationship, the biggest mistake we make:
In a relationship, we expect others to behave the same way that we behave towards them. That is the biggest mistake we make. We think that just because we are kind and considerate, others will be the same towards us. We are shocked when they behave differently from how we expect them to. How can they do this to us, we think. We do not deserve this, we think. We would have never done this to them, right?
     But perhaps we aren’t stepping into their shoes. Maybe their yardstick for a relationship is different from ours. Maybe they have their own definition of love and it doesn’t match ours.
     The measure of what constitutes love is different for everyone. For some, calling once a week and talking for a while is enough expression of love. For others, calling once a day is adequate. Then there are those who like to make short calls several times a day. When it comes to love, there is no one-size-fits-all. Love is customized for the one who loves.

Is Communication defines love?

     If love should thrive, communication is a must. If you do not communicate, love dies. Also, being busy is just an excuse when people do not want to keep in touch. If you really want to keep in touch you will find a way. You will prioritize the other person over everything else. If someone wants to talk to you, they make the time, otherwise, they make an excuse.
     If someone has not kept in touch and you want to maintain contact with them, you should try to get back in touch once, or at the most twice. After that, no matter how painful it is, you must let go. There is no point chasing after someone who doesn’t want to stay in your life.
Let go.
That is the best way and the only way. It will hurt. But then it will hurt a tiny bit lesser the next day. And a little lesser the day after that.
Eventually, it stops hurting. And we heal.
But we will always carry that emptiness where their love used to be.

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