How to make your life more meaningful:

Life is difficult. It might give you a few things. You might even be happy for a moment, as you achieve whatever goals you set to achieve: a university degree, a job, a pleasant house, and perhaps even marriage to your dream partner. Life keeps you busy with mundane things, and you chug along, happy to receive that promotion, happy to maneuver into a much bigger house, drive a far better car, earn extra money.

Eventually, life comes to collect. It takes away everything which means the foremost to you. It takes away your youth, and if you’re not careful, your health, and your peace of mind too. In the course of your life, you ultimately lose your grandparents, then your parents. Perhaps you even lose a spouse or a toddler.
How then do you go on? What meaning can you derive from it all? How does one overcome the debilitating grief of losing all you hold dear?
Face the grief. Acknowledge it. Accept that it exists. Cry if you want to, but limit it to 10 minutes or even twenty. Accepting reality is the best thing you do to move on. Yes, it is difficult but it is real too.
After that, do things that heal your soul. Find out what satisfies you on a deeper level. Perhaps it is growing a beautiful garden, or practicing music or art – or anything that you forgot in your minute. Do whatever you like but don’t sit in a corner and curse your situation.
To make life more beautiful and meaningful, we need to create a treasure trove of memories that will keep us strong. We need to seek out our own little sops that comfort us.
More than anything, we’d like to seek out beauty even where there’s none. It exists. Always. We need to know where to look and what to do.

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