5 Hobbies Proven Best Remedy For Peace of Mind

5 Hobbies Proven Best Remedy For Peace of Mind

Hobbies are activities that we can do in our spare time. Having a hobby is good for everyone it makes us busy otherwise we waste our time doing unnecessary activities like watching TV, wasting time on social media, playing games, or chatting on phone for a long time. There are many kinds of hobbies varying from people to people like playing games like cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. Apart from playing games, there are other hobbies like Cooking, Gardening, Reading, Making Crafts, Cycling, Swimming and many more. Following Hobby and doing activities makes you active physically and mentally.

Here I am discussing some of the Hobbies that proven best for peace of mind. When you feel alone or depressed try it out and add one of these hobbies in your daily routine you will see changes in your life. Here are some hobbies that I found best remedy personally are as follows:

1.Prayer, Meditation, Or Yoga – After a sleep starts your day with prayer and thank God for giving another beautiful day. Prayer is a direct conversation with God, thank God for everything you get in your life before starting your day. You can also do Yoga in the early morning. Prayer and Yoga are best to do in the early morning, but if you are in a rush in the morning do it at your convenience.

2. Reading – Reading is the best hobby that one can have. Reading good books is best but today there are many online platforms for reading like articles, blogs journal, etc. By reading you live hundreds of lives. Reading enhances your creativity and changes your way of thinking. If you want to change your life and do something great start reading good books. Now there are many free books available on the internet in a readable format you can download it from there and start reading.

3. Writing – No No, I didn’t mean about writing a novel or other books. I only say when you are alone and no one is there to hear you just start writing whatever you think. Sometimes we are far distant to our loved ones we want to say many things to them but we can’t. So whatever you want to share with your loved ones, or a friend or your parents to write it down. You can try it out at least once you definitely feel light and relax.

4.Gardening – I personally like gardening, taking care of plants gives peace to my mind. I am not saying to make a huge garden or plant so many trees. At this time it is not practical because we don’t have space at our homes. But you can plant some indoor plants and keep it in your living area. Or you can plant some herbs like tulsi, mint in your terrace garden. Planting trees, watering, and taking care of them makes you feel alive. Green color adds freshness to the environment and refreshes your mind.

5.Surfing – Spending long hours on the internet is not good at all I personally agree. But in your spare hours, you can surf good things like inspiring speeches, interviews of good peoples, motivational speeches. Listening to others is a great way to learn from their experiences. Now there are many good things available on the internet like blogs, vlogs, audible books, readable books by which you gain knowledge. By watching travel vlogs you can see different places and their culture by sitting at home.

All these hobbies are proven best if you follow it sincerely. Do whatever you like to do, but do something that doesn’t waste your time. Hobbies add purpose to your life. Try finding new hobbies and follow it

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