Big Things and Small Things Makes up Life.

Big Things and Small Things Makes up Life: Often we are forced to do what we do not want to do. We are forced to go to places we do not want to go to. We are forced to smile when we like screaming. These are social obligations we perform for the sake of others. And we want to fit in. We want to be accepted by others. We want to be liked and loved. So we put our wishes aside and perform what’s expected. They aren’t big things. They are little things. But these little things that bring joy to others.

Speaking Truth Is Hard:

     When it comes to big things, it is important to speak the truth, no matter how hard it is, how unpleasant it is. If we do not speak the truth in the big things, then we end up hurting ourselves.

Distinction Between Big and Small Things:

     The small things and the big things are what makeup life. We need to be wise enough to make a distinction between what is a small thing and what is a big thing. Sometimes a small thing to us is a big thing to others. At other times, a big thing for us is a small thing to others.

     If we have people in our lives who treat our big things as their big things, and who understand how big are our small things to us, then we are fortunate. I think when people are on the same wavelength, they completely get each other.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

– Robert Breault

Who Is There For You:

Big or small, it doesn’t matter as long you have each other. And you know that the other person will be there for you – to see you through the big and small things in life. And that you will be there for them too.

It is rare, but if you have it, you are blessed. If you have it, you are the richest person on earth.

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