Self Love is a key to confidence:

What is Self-love?

Did we know the answer? Did we think about it? Start thinking to start analyzing. Self-love is nothing, but it is loving oneself. Self-love doesn’t mean being selfish. It is of two kinds. One is loving one’s self physically, i.e. what others see in you like beauty, clothes, personality. The second one is loving owns soul that is what we see in our-self. What kind of person we are. It starts with self-realization. Once we start realizing our own value we love our-self.

We usually say we love our-self. But about 80% of cases it is failed. The reason is when we analyze ourselves self we compare with others. And in comparison, we found others superior and our self inferior. Let me give you an example when we stand in front of the mirror what we think. What we see first is our face, dress, hair, body, and how we look that is outside beauty. The very first question comes in our mind is did we look beautiful or not. Did this dress suit me and many more questions arises? Like I am not looking good, my complexion is dark, what others think about me. Is this a self-love, No. If we love our-self we find goods in our self. We only prioritize to impress others and forget to love ourselves.

How to start loving our self:

If you are not loving yourself than start it from today. Start finding ways to love yourself. Start analyzing your qualities, your thoughts, your mind, your soul. Once you find good in yourself, definitely you will love yourself. Once you love yourself your confidence will boost automatically.

That is why it is said, “Self-love is the key to confidence”. It completely transforms our character and life and develops the best qualities within us. It enhances our personality. Once we love ourselves self we will love others too. When we see goods in our self we will see goods in others also. Love has no boundaries, no limitations. Love yourself love others too. It brings happiness to your life.