Time Management – A Quick Review:

Time Management – Best Book Teaching Time Utilization (Review):

Sir Stephen King said, “Books are uniquely portable magic”, I completely agree with his words. Once you read this book you will also say it is a magical book. Time management by Dr.Sudhir Dixit is one of the best selling books. The book is short with limited pages focusing exactly on main points. After reading this book you will feel magic in your thoughts behavior and action too. If you follow, It completely changes your daily routine and you will save time too. After reading you will work more efficiently than before.  

About The Book:

There’s no better book if you want to utilize your time more efficiently. The book is so simple and can be easily understandable to everyone. Here I am highlighting the table of content so you can go through it and have some idea about the book. This The book is divided into two sections. Section one comprises of 3 basic questions and section two comprises of 30 principles of time management.

Section 1: 3 Basic Questions

1. Why Do We Feel There is a Shortage of Time?

2. How Much Time Do You Actually Have?

3. How Valuable is Your Time?

Section 2: 30 principles of Time Management.

1. Keep Logbook of Your Time.

2.Set a financial goal.

3. Do the Most Important Task First.

4. Maximize Use of Travelling Time.

5. Learn How to Delegate Work.

6. Learn Pareto 20/80 Law.

7. Learn Parkinson’s Law.

8. Work in Your Prime Time.

9. Organize Yourself.

10. Maintain a Time Table.

11. Get into Action.

12.Improve Work Efficiency

13. Fix Deadline of Your work.

14. Learn to Buy Time.

15. Sacrifice Your Present for Future’s benefits.

16. Do Your Work on Fixed Time.

17. Learn the Gravitational law About Time Wastage.

18. Learn from Newton’s First Law.

19. How long you work is not important; Important is Results.

20.Assigned Time for each work.

21. Wake up early in the morning.

22. Do Exercise for an hour.

23. Be Aware in reference to Television.

24.Minimal usage of Mobile Phones.

25. Don’t waste time on the Internet.

26. Don’t be Lazy.

27. Don’t evade your work.

28. Plan the next day before sleep.

29. Stay away from Bad Habits.

30. Learn the Theory of Relativity.

About the Author:

Sudhir Dixit is an Indian author. He has authored several books including Prabhavshli: Leadership ke Sutra, Dhanda: How Gujaratis do Bussiness, and 101 Mashhoor brands. Dr. Sudhir Dixit is a professor of English at a University in Madhya Pradesh. He is a well-known writer, known for his simple writings.

Time management: 30 Principles for the Best Utilization of Your Time. In this book, the author asks questions to yourself about your time and describes the principle of time utilization. This is the best “self-help” book that I really love. You also read it and decide on your own.

Best Quotes from the Book:

“Sometimes questions are more important than answers.”

-Nancy Willard

“Lost Wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost  health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.”

-Samuel Smiles

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does, Keep going.”

-Samuel Levenson

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  1. Awesome book, I read it twice and it help me a lot. When I got distracted I start reading this book. Recommended to everyone.


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