Easy Makeup at Home for Party

Easy Makeup at Home for Party:
Getting ready for a party is not just about the dress and hair – makeup is one of the key elements in achieving a fancy look. Applying makeup for a fancy party is far from applying casual makeup. You’ll also want to try and do extra prep on your face so your makeup lasts throughout the event.

Here discussed step by step method to do easy makeup at home for party:

1. Cleanse your face:

Before you apply makeup to your face, you will need to clean it and take away any excess oils or dirt. Use a mild cleanser and wash your face with warm water then pat it dry with a towel.

2. Moisturize your face:

Moisturizer is vital to use before makeup because it restores the natural oils to your face and keeps your face from drying out.

3. Apply primer:

Primer goes on before the remainder of your makeup and helps your makeup last longer. The primer will prevent you from having to repeatedly reapply your makeup. It also creates a more matte look on your face, which can remove any shininess.

4. Use a foundation:

After your primer has preserved, apply foundation to your skin, blending it in with a foam sponge, your fingers, or a foundation brush. Use a foundation that’s fitted to your skin type and take a look at it to settle on a foundation that matches your color.

5. Conceal dark circles:

Employing a concealer that also matches your complexion, dabs your blemish areas with a tiny dot of concealer. Then, blend it in softly along with your finger.

6.Set your makeup with powder:

Powder helps your makeup stay and keeps your face from looking greasy. Use a powder brush and then gently wipe the powder across your face, blending it in by making little swirls with the comb.

7. Apply eyeshadow:

Start by applying a light-weight, neutral shade of eyeshadow to your top eyelid, below the crease, then blend it into the crease with an eyebrow brush. Then, apply a light-weight, shimmery eyeshadow like cream or white to the inner corners of your eyes for an additional highlight. Then, blend a darker shade into the crease of your eye – you would like the color to be one or two shades darker than your eyelid color. Finally, add a bold color accurately above your crease and blend it into your crease with an eyeshadow brush.

8. Highlight your eyes with an eyeliner:

You’ll use a liquid or pencil eyeliner on your eyelids. Draw a skinny line of eyeliner on your top eyelid above your lash line, ranging from the corner of your eye and moving to the top of your eyelid. For a more dramatic line, you’ll create a wing or cat eye along with your eyeliner, drawing the line out past your eyelid half an in. approximately.

9. Apply mascara:

For the final touches to your eye, choose a mascara fitted to your hair color. Dip your mascara brush in your bottle and begin at the bottom of your top lashes, underneath them. Then, wiggle your mascara brush through your lashes. After you’ve got applied one coat, apply one or two more coats until you’ve got your required color.

10. Apply blush:

If you plan to take tons of images at your party, blush is vital because it can help highlight your cheekbones and stop your face from looking pale or washed out. Smile to locate the apple of your cheeks then swipe on blush with a blush brush, blending it in until you get your required color. Choose a blush color fitted to your skin tone.

11. Moisturize your lips:

This step is helpful once you know you’re getting to be wearing your lipstick for an extended time. Moisturizing your lips helps prep them for your lipstick by removing dryness.

12. Apply Lipstick:

Start from the middle of your upper lip and swipe a skinny layer of lipstick outwards, trying to remain inside your lips. Then, apply lipstick to your bottom lip and rub lips together to evenly coat. You’ll choose a bright red, dark red, pink, or if you would like something simple choose a neutral color. once more, it’s your personal preference.

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