Self-Introduction: Seven Points To Remember

Self-Introduction explains about yourself in a short and convenient way, Who you are?  Your qualification? Your goal?  And your key facts, which others need to know about you. It can be asked any time when you meet someone new.

Depending on the situation,  Self-Introduction has many types but here to make it simple I classified it into two.

↪️  Informal Self-Introduction

↪️ Formal  Self-Introduction

Informal Introduction  

Informal Introduction or in a familiar way, you can say CASUAL  INTRODUCTION, which consists of your information like,  Name, Qualification, Work,  Address,  and about your Family.

You have to offer a casual introduction when you:-

  • Meet someone new.
  • In get-togethers,  parties,  or weddings.
  • Or any other place excluding your School, College, Office, etc.

Formal Introduction

You can also call this Introduction as PROFESSIONAL  INTRODUCTION. In this blog, we are going to discuss Professional Introduction in brief.

An excellent introduction will help new acquaintances learn the required details about who you are. The correct introduction can solidify your name and motive for the person you are speaking to, so that you can have a positive impression.

You have to offer Professional Introduction at these times.

  • Beginning of new session (In Schools /Colleges )
  • At the time of presentation.
  • When the Teacher / Principle asks for it.
  • Beginning an interview.
  • While addressing the crowd. 
  • Attending a hiring event.
  • Networking with new connections. 
  • Meeting peoples at your trade show / your workplace.

Here I tried my best to cover the most important points in a few sentences,  so let’s start with the points.


Collect all the necessary information about the event/organization/where you have to present yourself.

Mention all your necessary information here’s a rough format which will help you to memorize all the required details.


Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Prepare your introduction and practice it well. Make sure your physical appearance is impressive.


It is true that when we address someone, we tried the best possible ways to impress and express,  But remember Fake personality /Things won’t last for a long time and then you have no option left other than to remain original.


A friendly smile works Magic. In case you are feeling nervous, Smile is the only way that can help and Motivates you on the spot.


No one is you and that is your power, nobody knows How you prepared yourself ? and How you are presenting?   They can’t find the difference between your preparation and presentation, So in case you forgot something, Be smart enough to handle the situation.


Body language communicates much more than you think. When you introduce yourself to the recruiter.

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Make sure your handshaking is steady but natural to signal trust.
  • Speak with confidence.
  • Do not fidget, roll up your eyes,  or cross your arms.

Try to use impressive words and modified language also use creative ways to express yourself. Try to ignore these lines

“ My Name is Jenny

My Father Name is James

He is a businessman

My Mother Name is Marry

She is a housewife. “

Don’t you think these lines are odd now, and you have to start with different ways like “Hey,  this is Jenny here “

First Introduce yourself completely then comes to your parents

“Mr. James and Mrs. Marry are my proud parents “ or  “My Father is Mr. James and Mrs. Marry is my lovely mother.


Before you write such an introduction ask your colleague /senior to show you how they did when they asked for.

Some Quotes:

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Dolly Parton
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