How to Deal Anger and Reduce Stress:


What Anger actually Is?

Before start discussing anger and how to deal with it. Firstly we should know what is anger? Is it is a non-curable disease? Is it is as big and horrible as a monster? Did it bite us or harm us? Many questions come in our mind until we know the right answer. Anger is nothing dangerous it is our emotion. It is an emotion that comes in our mind when we feel someone or something is has done wrong to us.

Sometimes we feel like nothing goes right. People we live with has done wrong to us. Sometimes we feel like we didn’t get what we deserve. Or sometimes people say the wrong word, blame us, fight with us, or refuse. These are the things that make us so angry. Anger lead in shortening our temper. We feel like giving a tight slap on the face of a person who makes us angry. there are many negative shits that comes in our mind when we got angry. We think about taking revenge or doing the same with the person.

But all these thoughts make us stressed and depressed. Anger makes us unhappy and low. It can also lead to rising blood pressure. Even some people get heart attacks also due to anger.

What to do when you got angry:

Here I am discussing the ways to deal with anger. Sometimes your parents, or siblings, or friends or your boss scolding you for no reason. At that time you feel like why the hell you are treated like this and you got angry. So What you should do is, Take a long breath and move to a silent place. Place where no one disturbs you. If you are outside the home or workplace, you should use the washroom also. It is the quietest place one should find outside the home. Relax your body and think about all the good things that a person does with you. And think about their state of mind. Maybe they are disturbed or upset about something. Do this exercise your anger will slowly be reduced.

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Some of Best Quotes of Great People:

“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”

Mahatma Gandhi.

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. “

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“When anger rises, think of the consequences. “


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  1. Every thing you wrote is relatable, and amazing, one more i would like to add I, e whenever we get angry our speed of work increases , also at that time our mind automatically produces creative ideas

  2. Very nice 😊. I’m a tempered person sometimes I can’t hold my anger n scold anybody. This can reduce my anger.


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