Myth’s and Truth’s: How They Are Different.

Myth’s and Truth’s: How They Are Different.

Sometimes we believe in the concepts that do not really exist. These concepts are only the fruit of our imaginations. These false concepts sometimes cause great difficulties in our life. So before believing any concept or idea, firstly we need to differentiate, is it a truth or myth? So in this article, we will understand the difference between myths and truths.

The first question is What is Myth?

A Myth is a traditional or historical story, which concerns about particular event or heroes and relates to the Mysteries of nature with no true facts.

    Myths are the classical legendary fables, explains the phenomenon of the universe or the existence and usually focuses on practices, believes or rites with or without determinable facts or natural explanation.

Most of the time, myths are based on Gods, Goddess, warriors, and heroes also they are a responsible for Emotional, Physical, and Practical aspects of human existence as well as the maintenance and creation of elements of nature.

5 well-known words related to Myth

  •  Imagination
  •  Legendary / Legend
  • Illusion
  • Tale   and
  • Fable  

Let’s know about versions of Myth

Myths are differentiated between three types, Aetiological Myth, Historical  Myth, and Psychological Myth

But Ignoring the history and types of Myth let us update ourselves by differentiating Myths and Truths.

Myths exist in every culture and field and The term which is used for, The Collection of Myths related to a particular field, religion or cultural tradition is MYTHOLOGY

How Rumors and Myths are similar?  

   Myths                   Rumors
1 They are historical Statements.  They are a minimum month old. 
2 They are related to  Particular religions, traditions, or any person.  They are related to the person.
3 Myths are in our habit we can’t practice it for so long . And we are practicing it they are just a kind for so long.                                           
4 We can correct our Myths, only by studying and by his/her friend whom Gaining knowledge about it. Talking to a person or his/her friend whom Rumor is about is the only way to know the truth.  

There are 80% myths and Rumors in our life and  we are believing them, as the real truth.         

Science and Scientists ignore Myths because they don’t tolerate anything without proves, evidence, or practical experiments. They continue their researches till the conclusion and after many experiments and researches, they cleared myths and stated the truth behind. Here we have some interesting Myths and Truths for you.

Myth’s and Truth’s

Myth’s and Truth’s


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