5 Unknown Facts About the World Everyone Know

Did you love to learn crazy, interesting, and bizarre facts? Did you interested to know unknown facts about the world then you’re most welcome to this article because we’ve spent much time searching out these random facts all for you?

This world or even the whole universe is full of mysteries and logic but surprisingly 70% of we never try to Search out their reason by own. The facts which we will see below are not strange but they are familiar ones. The only difference is we will learn the logic behind the facts. Here we share some surprisingly interesting Unknown Facts About the World.

1 Why Buddha’s hair seems different from ours?

unknown facts about the world

The reason is Buddha actually doesn’t have hairs, but to protect his head from heatstroke while meditation, 108 snails gave up their lives and cover his head in the scorching sun.

2  why Advocates and Judges wear black coat?

unknown facts about the world

The black color symbolizes justice, honor, dignity, and wisdom. To keep up these values black color is prescribed for Advocates and judges so that they can maintain the dignity and grace of it.

3  Why we have seven days in a week?

unknown facts about the world

The Babylonian, who lived in Iraq is responsible for having our week 7 days long. He was the interpreter of the heaven and astute observer. He got inspiration from our seven celestial bodies (i,e the Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)

4 Β Why The Newspaper Have 4 dots below?

unknown facts about the world

The four dots ensures the print is lined-up properly.These are registeration marks used at the time of printing.

Blue(Cyan), Pink(Magenta), Yellow, and Black are primary colors that have separate plates and each plate has its own mark.

5 Why facebook logo is of Blue color?

unknown facts about the world

Mark Zuckerberg took his eyes color as his app’s official color i, e Blue

There is a reason for each and everything around us, and most of us usually make it unnoticeable, but when we learn these types of things, not only our knowledge increases but we got a new vision to see the world and our curiosity to know more constantly increases, isn’t it?

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