Home Remedies For Dry Skin That Work Naturally

Home Remedies For Dry Skin

As winter is coming back, everyone seems to be disturbed concerning dry skin issues. It’s a standard downside for men, women, and kids conjointly. The amendment in atmospheric conditions might lead to dry skin. excluding the winter season, some folks have dry skin. Therefore let’s discuss, what’s dry skin? Its reasons, causes, and remedies.

Dry skin may be a skin condition outlined by a deficiency of the correct quantity of water within the most superficial layer of the skin. The skin in aged people tends to possess lessened amounts of natural skin oils and lubricating substances. Areas like the face, arms, hands, and notably lower legs tend to be additionally tormented by dry skin.


There is no single reason for dry skin. Dry skin reasons may be classified as external and internal.

External factors area unit the foremost divisor and area unit the best to deal with. These factors embody low temperatures and wetness, particularly in winter once the heaters area unit used.

It factors that cause dry skin include:

  • over-washing with harsh soaps.
  • overuse of sanitizers and lipide solvents (alcohol).
  • cold temperature.
  • low wetness.

Internal factors stand for overall health, age, genetics, case history, and private history of different medical conditions like thyroid disease area unit additional vulnerable to developing dry skin.

Home remedies for dry skin:

Yes home remedies works, you’ll use home remedies to deal with dry skin symptoms and restore wetness. Here area unit some home remedies for dry skin area unit mentioned.

1. Coconut oil and different Oils

Coconut oil has emollient properties. Emollients fill the areas between skin cells, making a sleek surface. That’s why the saturated fatty acids that occur naturally in vegetable oil will hydrate and sleek the skin.

You can conjointly add vegetable oil daily to even the foremost sensitive elements of your body. It includes the realm beneath your eyes and around your mouth. Coconut is light enough for substantial everyday use. you’ll conjointly use castor oil or vegetable oil to assuage dry skin.

2. Products Made of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly product will heal skin in older adults. petrolatum, conjointly called oil, covers the skin in an exceedingly protecting layer. It traps wetness beneath. This helps heal dry, irritated skin patches.

3. Drink lots of quantity of Water.

Dehydration is one in every of the foremost common reasons for dry skin and different issues. it’s suggested to drink many water (i.e 8-10) glass per day for glowing skin. you’ll conjointly hydrate your skin by drinking milk and different fruit juices.

4. Antioxidants and Omega-3s.

When your skin is dry, it suggests that you’re exposing it to parts that area unit damaging skin cells quicker than your body will repair them. There area unit some foods that may facilitate your skin seem healthier.

Foods made in antioxidants will minimize injury from toxins and facilitate your body to build healthy cells. a number of the foods that contribute to skin health include Blueberries, tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas, lentils, and others.

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5. Wear Gloves

Hands tend to expertise the foremost direct contact with environmental irritants. These embody dish soap and detergent and different chemicals.

Get within the habit of sporting gloves once your hand’s area unit within the water. Your hands conjointly take plenty of abuse once temperatures drop and you’re operating outside within the cold.

Wearing insulated gloves whereas doing unit chores, or once you’re outside in extreme temperatures will prevent on dry, irritated skin.

6. Modify your shower temperatures

Few soaps that claim to wash and repair the skin will cause the alternative impact. they will trigger hypersensitivity and build the skin diluent with harsh chemicals.

Take short showers with water that’s heat, not hot. and appearance for soaps that area unit fragrance-free and gentler on the skin than ancient soaps.

7. Avoid allergens and irritants

A fulminant incidence of dry skin could be connected to the garments you’re sporting or what you’ve exposed your skin to. Check what you’re putting your skin through, and check out to treat it gently.


It’s necessary to preserve healthy skin. You’ll wish to include a decent moisturizer or oil into your daily routine. Another essential skincare tip is to use moisturizing ointment daily to stop skin injury and waterlessness.

Note – If home remedies for dry skin aren’t serving to, it’s a sign of a heavy downside. You’ll see a doctor get treatment to alleviate your dry skin.

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