Tetra Pak Carton Recycling – Bring Best Out Of Waste

We all know Tetra Pak is a multinational food packaging and processing sub-company. It is currently the largest food packaging company in the world by sales, operating in more than 160 countries and with over 24,800 employees (2017).

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Its motto ‘Protects What’s Good’, reflects in commitment to protect not just the milk and juices contained within the cartons but also the environment around us.​

Tetra Pak’s processing and packaging technology play an essential role in guarantee that milk and juices sustain their freshness and nutrition without the necessity for preservatives – thereby being ‘good for you’. What’s more, Tetra Pak cartons are made mainly of paper (a renewable resource) and are fully recyclable – and thus are ‘good for the earth’.

Tetra Pak cartons are Fully recyclable.​

​​​​​​​Tetra Pak cartons are fully recyclable. The paperboard (which is 75% of the carton) is recycled into paper products and therefore the 25% remaining fraction (consisting of the polyethylene and the aluminum can be recycled into panel boards, roof sheets, and so on.​

Once the collected cartons are sorted and baled, they’re sent to the plant where the paper is separated from the polyethylene and aluminum via the hydra pulping process and then converted into many useful products.

Useful Products Made From Recycled Cartons

1. Benches made of Tetra Pak cartons for public use.

Mumbai – New eco-friendly benches installed at the Bombay Port Trust’s (BPT) Sagar Upvan garden in Colaba.

More than 16,000 families from 40 housing societies came together and did their bit to save lots of the environment and their city – Mumbai. Together during a span of three years, they need to prevent quite 18,000 discarded plastic-coated cartons commonly referred to as Tetra Pak cartons (named after the corporate that innovated the design) from landing up in the city’s already overstretched landfills. Not just that, these discarded Tetra Pak cartons are given a new replacement lease of life by converting these into eco-friendly garden benches. These benches are often found in Bombay Port Trust’s (BPT) Sagar Upvan garden in Colaba.

These eco-friendly benches are waterproof, sturdy, and can take the weight of up to 3 people. The benches were inaugurated recently in the city and are part of an initiative led by the city’s non-profit organization Reducing Reusing Recycling Greenlife (RUR) in collaboration with Tetra Pak, Sahakari Bhandar, Reliance Smart and Fresh stores, and residents of Colaba. The RUR Greenlife NGO helps the people learn the method of recycling by altering the discarded cartons into different kinds of furniture mainly school tables and garden benches. They initialize a ‘Go Green With Tetra’ campaign back in 2010 and since then there has been no looking back.

2. Tetra Pak cartons recycled into furniture, stationery for lesser privileged schools.​​

Delhi – Delhi witnessed a one-of-its-kind initiative- ‘Your Cartons. My Classroom.’ 

Delhi endorsed one of its kind initiative – ‘Your Cartons. My Classroom.’ – jointly promoted by TERI and Tetra Pak at DLF Place, Saket over this weekend. ‘Your Cartons. My Classroom.’ encouraged Delhiites to come forward and celebrate the year-long activity of Project SEARCH* school students who gathered over 200,000 used Tetra Pak cartons for recycling. The gathered cartons will be recycled into school stationery and furniture for six schools that are in necessity of a better learning environment.

Where Did Tetra Pak cartons being recycled I India?

Many people think cartons are not recycled in India. But Khatema Fibres in Uttarakhand and Deluxe Recycling in Maharashtra are our major recyclers of used cartons in India.

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