Indian Education System: Its Problem, Issues, & Solutions

Indian Education System: Its Problem, Issues, & Solutions: It is no doubt that Indians are known all over the world for their creativity, skills, and knowledge. Indians mark their position all over the world in almost every sector. From the software industry to medicine, and from literature to US parliament.

Indian education system

In the past few years, the Indian education system has improved a lot and succeed to serve in both the Rural and Urban areas. Also, the Indian government has started many schemes and yojanas in which their motive is to provide education to each and every Indian. without any discrimination of gender, age religion, etc.

But still, there are some issues which require to be taken care of, like:-

  • Equal attention to each and every child.
  • Equal respect to all subjects.
  • Better training of educators.
  • The Grading system should be based on knowledge, ability, and talent rather than Marks.
  • Co-scholastic grades should be given the same importance as scholastic grades hold.

But the main issue which found is LACK OF PRACTICAL LEARNING

We all agree with the slogan,

“Action speaks louder than Words”


Then why don’t students get trained like that?

Importance of Practical Learning

  • Practice makes a man perfect.
  • It is the best effective method in which you don’t require to memorize Or mugging-up.
  • Website states that It is 100 times better to concentrate on practical education instead of Theoretical education.
  • It improves skills.
  • It develops a better understanding.

Our education system ensures that children should have strong theoretical knowledge, but they don’t have a proper platform to apply their knowledge.

In schools, we see practical labs are allotted for seniors, mostly up to class 9th students, why practicals are not from middle classes or junior classes.

At an early age, children are alert, attentive as well as have a fresh mind, then why they don’t have a creative and practical environment as they deserve?

That is why foreign countries are more developed and advanced than us.

From an early age, they provide their students with equal practical equipment, separate period, proper platform as well as importance as theory holds. That’s why they are more practical.

Did You Know?
Indian education system

Japan educational system, has taken an appreciative step,  to overcome loss, and save lives from earthquake and tsunami, they have started to train their students, to protect themselves, to take precautions, and all the required physical activities to save lives of own as well as others.

They have separate periods, equipment, environment, and trainer as well.

Now it is clear that practical learning holds  equal importance.

Bottom line

Where technology is at the top of the world and getting advanced day by day, We need this Upgradation in the education system so that we can move Frequently forward with other developed countries.

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  1. Totally agreed. Our education system needs an upgradation to fulfill today’s world requirements. We are living in a world that is going to make magnetic trains and we are busy giving our youth assignment projects and other stuff that doesn’t even help them. It will waste their time and energy. One thing I liked from our latest national education policy that now the student can choose what he want to study. It will give him more concentration and interest to study the subjects which he is interested in. But along with it there is a lot to change. We have to give practical knowledge rather than theoretical base.


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