Smoking: Its Consequences and Ways How People Quit Smoking

Smoking: Its Consequences and Ways How People Quit Smoking:

It is a practice in which, a substance( mainly dried tobacco leaves) is burnt and its smoke is breathed in. Smoking is considered to be recreational drug use. It is an addiction that sometimes can take the person to severe diseases or death.

Smoking addiction gets started at a very young age and becomes a lifelong habit. It is an unending addiction.

Reasons Behind Smoking Addiction

The main reason behind people start smoking is that the desire of trying new things in life. In many cases, it’s seen that youngsters trying how people smoke and the way it feels. And this trying and exploring becomes an addiction and other people find it difficult to quit. Some people start smoking due to their friends.

What problems does smoking cause?

There are many problems caused by smoking. Smoking can cause many health problems to the person and other people residing nearby. Tobacco contains nicotine, a drug that’s addictive. Since nicotine makes it very difficult to quit. 

Smoking greatly increases the possibility of acquiring asthma, lung cancer, heart attack, chronic lung disease, and lots of other cancers. Smokers die a mean of 10 years ahead of nonsmokers. Additionally, smoking is maybe the foremost preventable cause of breathing (respiratory) diseases. Smoking harms not just the only person, but also people living nearby, family members, and coworkers.

 Health risks of secondhand smoke

  • Secondhand smoke from a parent’s cigarette increases a child’s chances for body structure problems, causes coughing and wheezing, worsens asthma, and increases an infant’s risk of dying from sudden cot death syndrome(SIDS).
  • Smoking is additionally harmful to the unborn vertebrate. If a pregnant woman smokes, her vertebrate is at an increased risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, stillbirth, infant death, and low birth weight.
  • Exposure to passive smoke may also cause cancer. In research, it is observed that non-smokers who dwell with a smoker have a 24% gain in risk for developing lung cancer when compared with other non-smokers. 
  • Secondhand smoke also increases the danger of stroke and heart disease. In households where just one parent smokes, teens are more likely to start out smoking. In smoking the substances you inhale don’t just affect your lungs. It can affect your entire body.
  • Smoking can cause a range of ongoing complications within the body, additionally as long-term effects on your body systems. While smoking can increase your risk of a spread of problems over several years, a number of the bodily effects are immediate.

What are the Steps in quitting smoking?

The process starts with the will of quitting smoking. Firstly, one can do certain things to urge prepared to quit. Then, there are various things to try and do on the day of quitting. Here are some steps discussed, the way to quit smoking. ·

  • Make a concept and set a date for quitting.
  • Note down the time when and why you smoke. Also mentioned things in your lifestyle that you just often do while smoking.
  • Change your smoking routines: Keep your cigarettes in a very different place. Smoke along with your other hand.
  • Don’t do the rest after you are smoking consider how you are feeling once you smoke. ·
  • Smoke only in certain places, try to not smoke reception or workplace. ·
  • When you wish for a cigarette, wait some minutes. try and think about something to try to do rather than smoking. Like, you may chew gum or drink a glass of water.
  • Buy one pack of cigarettes at a time. 

What are the Implications of Quitting Smoking?

  • The expected consequences of quitting are irritability, difficulty concentrating, increased appetite, and in fact, urges to smoke. So, if you’re feeling more short-tempered or distracted, or sleepier than usual, don’t be concerned because these feelings will pass. ·
  • Try to exercise. for instance, select a walk, ride a motorcycle, if you have got access to a pool swim, take a yoga or Pilates class.
  • Consider the positive things about quitting. for instance, give some thought to what quantity you prefer yourself as a non-smoker, the health benefits for you and your family, and therefore the example you set for others around you. A positive attitude will facilitate you through the tough times. ·
  • When you are feeling tense, try and keep busy and give some thought to ways to ease the tenseness. Tell yourself that smoking won’t bring any betterment in life, and try to do something else better.
  • Eat regular meals because feeling hungry is usually mistaken for the need to smoke. ·
  • Start saving the money by not buying cigarettes in an exceedingly “money jar.”
  • Let others know that you just have quit smoking. you’ll find that the majority of people will support you. Many of your smoking friends might want to understand how you quit. It’s good to speak to others about your quitting.

Start following healthy lifestyle

In fact, people that avoid smoking for a minimum of one year often have had very strong support from a companion or co-worker. If you slip-up and again smoke, do not be dishearten or hand over and return to your smoking habit. Many former smokers have well-tried to quit several times before they finally succeed.

What Methods Can Help Someone Quit Smoking?

Several methods are available to help those that attempt to quit smoking. The most categories of methods are:

  1. Behavior modification and self help-literature to quit smoking ·
  2. Self-help literature ·
  3. Nicotine replacement therapy
  4. Prescription smoking cessation aids

 Each method actually offers several different options. Moreover, combinations of the methods usually are necessary, and nobody combination will work for everybody. In fact, it should be necessary to do several different methods or combinations of methods before success is achieved.

Currently, there are different kinds of nicotine replacement therapy available over-the-counter and include: nicotine transdermal systems or patches (Nicoderm CQ and Nicotrol), nicotine polacrilex resin or gum (Nicorette), and nicotine lozenges (Commit).

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 Everyone knows smoking isn’t good for health and body. It can affect not just one person but other people’s too. So everyone must know the implications of smoking mentioned before. Never attempt smoking, once it becomes habituation it’s difficult to quit. And if you’re a smoker and need to quit smoking then read and work on the steps of quitting mentioned within the article. And for more help took medical consultation.

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