Social Media Distraction: How to Control it

Social media distraction is a common problem for everyone today. With the growth of the internet, everyone is dependant on it for seeking information and knowledge. We use the internet for checking routes on maps, cooking recipes, news, and even today online classes are conducted for education. But it is too a distracting source for many.

Social media is unimaginable. It permits us to link with people around the world, stream videos at the click of a button, and explore the world without ever leaving our home.

Scrolling through notifications, vacation photos, and all sorts of other content, the average user spends almost 2.5 hours a day.

Effects of Social Distraction

Distraction from social media will interrupt your personal life, destroy your productivity at work, and steal the time you might spend or better yourself on hobbies. It lessens a person’s concentration power and doesn’t allow a person to stick to their goal. So it is necessary to understand social media distraction, its side-effects, and how to overcome this problem.

Health Issues

When you browse social media since there are so many things to check around and see. You continuously variate from one activity to another activity. This accumulation of knowledge will wear out your brainpower and cause you to feel exhaustion.

There will be other associated health problems, apart from all that is listed, such as blurry vision due to eye strain as a result of looking at the screen for long hours.

And if you use social media from a mobile phone, you can have problems with back and neck pain as you have to bend your neck constantly to look at your phone.

Personal Issues

It not only affects efficiency but also a distant person from reality. Youngsters spend hours posting and tracking on social media, but they didn’t know what’s happening in their own home. Even today many relationships are suffering due to social media.

But social media doesn’t have to be expelled from your life; it just has to be contained. For everything else in life, it is all about balance. It is necessary to know how to maintain a balance between work and social life.

How to stop social media distraction:

Plan a Morning Routine

The first thing you search after waking up in the morning is the device. You may need to read some emails or check whatsapp or insta feeds. But it lead to a inefficient morning of social media scrolling by checking phone as soon as you wake up.

It is good if you don’t stick to computer or mobile in the morning.

Break this rule for emergencies or appointments only, such as checking the time of a dental visit in the morning.

It is good to spend your morning in exercising, preparing a breakfast, or engaging in another activity that energizes you.

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Change Notification Settings

When a notification pops up, you’re most likely to check your gadget. The more updates you get, the more you’ll face distractions. The good news is that your notification settings can be personalized. You can change settings the way you like.

You may opt for or completely cut out periodic alerts. And if you still need to know when vacation pictures are shared by your BFF, you can always turn the alerts back on later.

Live a Real Life

Most importantly, live a real-life connection with real people, and be amazing in the real world. Don’t stress yourself in making your profile a great life and it will follow automatically.

Do fun things, write a book, schedule a trip. Do whatever might be fantastic.

Most importantly, live a life that values. And you don’t have to get your happiness, and satisfaction so often from likes and shares.

Close your Browser when working. 

It took precious seconds to load the browser when you feel tempted to go online may be just the moment you need to become conscious of the time you’re wasting. If you must be logged in continually, try restricting yourself to three or four browser tabs for work-related sites. Close everything else.

Plan times to be available on social media

It is advised to schedule the time to, check Facebook, Instagram, or post selfies. If you allow yourself scheduled time each day to do this you can focus more on getting your work done instead of wondering where that time went. Stick to the times.

Stick to the plan. Be disciplined, trust your plan, stick to it and review how it’s working, when you said you would. (It is perfectly ok not to be on Instagram and Facebook all day)

Reflect and adjust. 

You will want to track yourself on a daily and weekly basis and make changes. You should ask the following questions to yourself regularly. Although these are relevant to your studies and how to properly learn new skills, in career or life situation. 

Allot One Hour of Your Day to Respond to Emails

Email remains the most intimate means of online contact in this globe. It helps in the most significant online engagements. Other social media have come and gone, such as Friendster and Multiply, but there is always email. That’s why you should spend another hour reading your emails every day and responding to them.

Is social media a distraction from reality?

We all face distractions every day. Not only do distractions lower our productivity; they raise our tension as well. You probably already know what most distracts you: phone calls, messages, browsing, co-worker interruptions, and so on. Strategies such as scheduling email checks, turning your phone off, and leaving the office for a quieter atmosphere will remove distractions so you can get more done.

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Social networking is great, so it’s time to try some proposed solutions when it starts messing up your life. If you think the use of social networking sites affects your life and it is really out of control, work on it. Or do share with your closed one or anyone else you feel comfortable with.

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