Reel to real: Social media impact on today’s life

Reel to real is just a metaphor used here to explain the present scenario. What is a reel? Reels are trending these days, it is generally short videos captured to upload on Instagram and Facebook. With the growth of the internet and social media platforms I.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more in the list. People are forgetting real-life and tried to be popular on social media. Everyone is running over fame and popularity.  People are forgetting to live and enjoy present moments and run over the world that belongs to no one.

What did we see today?

 When we go out or go to any party, people don’t care who stands or sits near them. They only know they have to cover a good reel or click a good selfie, so they should post on Instagram or Facebook.  

Social Media Distraction: How to Control it

 How it affects families?

 Before the social media era, when mother cook food children’s love them and appreciate them but today children first click the picture and upload on social media. People will see and do like and comment and they are now happy. But in all these, they forget to appreciate their mother and their efforts.  
 So what do you think is right or wrong?
 Is social media brings the family together living across the sea or depart people living in the same house?
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 But what we also see is it brings people close living in the other cities and countries too. Video calling makes it possible to see and talk with people dwelling miles away.

As we know everything has two sides, likewise social media has both positive and negative impact on society. At one hand it influence people to large range, whereas on the other hand it can also responsible for cyber bullying and identity theft.

Bottom line

In teenagers and youth, it is seen when they go out or having fun they go live or upload reels. Sometimes it will prove harmful also. So children’s and teens must be guided by their parents

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