Facial hair removal is a tough task as you know facial sin is very sensitive. Facial hairs are the weird thing many girls go through. Almost everyone has facial hair. Some of them have less coarse and light-colored hair, while some have dark-colored and dense coarse. It can be responsible for manly also.

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There are several methods to remove facial hair but it cannot be very efficient. All these can remove hair temporarily. None of them can remove them permanently.


Here we discuss some of the  common methods for removing facial hairs:


Threading is the common method everyone knows. It is commonly used to shape eyebrows, removing upper lips, forehead, and chin hairs. It is a very cheap and easy method but it is not recommended for removing full-face hairs.


Waxing is another common method for hair removal. But it can generally be used for the body. Nowadays facial waxing is also common but it is not recommended for everyone. People with sensitive skin are not advised to go for facial waxing as it causes irritation and burns due to chemicals applied to the face. But if you do not have sensitive skin you can go with face wax as it lasts longer as compared to threading.


Plucking or tweezing is a very common method of removing unwanted hair from the face. In this method, we mechanically pulling out the unwanted hair by using a plucker. This method is suggested only for small areas like chin hairs, wiry hairs, or in removing extra hairs from eyebrows. This method doesn’t work for facial hair removal all over the face.

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Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved treatment, that is safe for facial hair removal. In this method, laser light disables the hair follicle that helps in reducing the growth of hairs. In some cases, the hair that grows will be thinner and lighter in color as before, or will not grow. Do not try at home. Need to be done under the guidance of an expert.


Electrolysis is another permanent hair removal method. In this method, electrolysis is done using an electric current, with a needle-shaped electrode and wiped out individual hairs from the face. It is advised do not to try at home, recommended to be done by experts. In addition, it needs extra treatment to get better results.


The dermatologist also advised taking treatment and prescribed creams to remove hairs permanently from the face. But in reality, it does not remove hair permanently it only helps in the slow growth of hair and only works while you are using cream. When you stop using it it will grow back.

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In this blog, we discuss one of the effective ways for facial hair removal. We discussed both common ancient methods as well as advanced methods of removing facial hairs. Each method is effective, depending on the kind of hair you have. You can try any method depending on the type of skin you have. Do not try advanced methods at home as they can hurt your skin.  Our next blog will discuss some methods for facial hair removal from natural ingredients at home. If you know any other methods or DIY do share them in the comment section.

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