Chickenpox is a contagious disease, happened to almost everyone once in a lifetime. Varicella-zoster virus is responsible for the cause of chickenpox. It is a communicable disease, spread when an infected person came into direct contact. Ulcer, red spots, blister, fever, are some of the common symptoms of this disease.
Chickenpox scars are the most nuisance thing that happened after suffering from this disease. Scars may be developed when a person scratches or pick up a spot or ulcer. Scars are annoying if it is on visible parts of the body especially on the face. Many peoples are looking for the answer to the question, how to remove chickenpox scars.
There are many methods of chickenpox scars treatment medically and naturally. In some cases, marks and scars don’t remove permanently but their appearance is minimized. Let’s take a look at some methods.

Coconut oil is one of the easiest and cheapest sources used in chickenpox scars treatment. It is easily available in everyone’s home and doesn’t need extra money to spend on it.
How to apply: In a bowl, take 3-4 tablespoons of oil. Heat to make it warm. Now massage it on the area of the scar gently in a circular motion and leave it.
Aloe vera has healing properties and very effective on burns and scars.
How to apply: Take freshly cut aloe vera leaf, remove thorns at the edge. Cut it into two parts and gently massage it on scars. Leave it for half an hour and wash it with plain water. Results are not quick so do it regularly to get better results.
Another effective ingredient in our kitchen is potatoes.
How to apply: Take a medium-sized potato and cut it into thin slices. Now gently massage the slice on the scars in a circular motion until it becomes dry. Repeat the procedure with different slices and discard the used one. Leave it for 20-30 minutes ad then rinse it with plain water. Do it regularly to get rid of scars.
Oils are natural moisturizers, and very good for the skin. Olive oil and castor oil has healing properties and used in many health products and cosmetics.
How to apply: In a small bowl take two teaspoons of olive oil and 2-3 drops of castor oil mix it well. Now gently massage oil on the scar for 5-10 minutes and leave it until the skin absorbs it. If you want you can leave it or wash it with lukewarm water or clean it with a wet napkin.
Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda. It is used in treating various skin problems like acne, scars, and pimple marks. It has exfoliating properties that make it a useful ingredient to work for the skin.
How to apply: In a bowl take one tablespoon baking soda and two tablespoons of water. Mix it well to make a smooth paste. Apply on the area of the scar and leave it for 20 minutes. After it gets dry wash it with lukewarm water. To get satisfactory results do it regularly.
1.Before applying any paste or product consult with a dermatologist.
2.Do not apply anything on an open wound.
3.If you have sensitive skin or you are allergic, do not apply anything that hurts your skin.
4.If any remedy hurts your skin or causes irritation or rash immediately wash it off and consult a doctor.


As we all know chickenpox is a contagious disease, that left its signs after cure also. In the market, there are many products available for chickenpox scar treatment. And also there are home remedies that work well and effective in treating scars. You can go for any of the methods as per your need and comfort.

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