“Overthinking, also, best known as creating problems that are never there”

David Sikhosana

Overthinking A Problem

Thinking before action is a quality of a wise man. But as in the previous proverb it is said, thinking more than need may create problems.

Overthinking may be defined as “thinking about something for a long duration”.

It is good to think before taking action, but thinking long will delay your action. Sometimes it happened with everyone, we overthink about something for long hours and waste our time and at last, does not conclude the solution.

So it is advised to think wisely without wasting time and take productive actions.

Overthinking sometimes troubles our life and can lead to a greater problem. So here we discuss some common questions related to the topic.

“Don’t get too deep, it leads to overthinking, and overthinking leads to problems that don’t even exist in the first place.”

– Jayson Engay


The main cause of overthinking is fear and insecurities. The fear of outcomes if they took the wrong decision. People think before taking any decision. In research, it is observed people who are insecure about the consequences of the decision they make are mostly overthinkers.


Overthinking sometimes proved to be beneficial in some cases. It allows your mind to think about both the negative and positive aspects of any decision. But overthinking makes up your mind busy for long hours and works on the same pattern of question. Due to a long hour of thinking people skip their meals and do not follow healthy routines. This may result in depression and anxiety which is not good for a healthy mind and body.


Identifying the problem is the first step in finding a solution to a problem. In the previous section we understand, what is overthinking? Its consequences, Its main causes, and why do we need to stop it.

Here we discuss several ways to stop overthinking.

1.Realize you  are overthinking:

Firstly, you must know you are taking more time than needed in thinking about something. Realization is the first and foremost step, if you don’t realize the problem you will never find out a solution for it and work on it.

2.Relax your mind and body:

When you realize you are overthinking, sit in a peaceful place and take a long breath. Relax your mind and body. You can also listen to good music or exercise. As your mind got tired of overthinking, as relaxing it is a good idea to find a productive solution.

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3.Prepare notes:

Writing down the points and making notes is a  good idea if you are struggling in making a decision. Write both negative and positive outcomes and their consequences. It will help you in making a decision.

4.Discuss  with family or friend:

After thinking long, and you are not coming to conclusion. It is a good idea to discuss it with your most trustworthy person. It can be a family member or your friend. Taking other’s opinions sometimes proves to be a good decision. But remember do not allow anyone to run your mind.

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5.Take Action:

Overthinking wastes our precious time and doesn’t allow us to take productive actions. Sometimes delay in taking action is responsible for great loss as time plays an important role. So take necessary action on time and do not waste time thinking for a long duration. As it is said, “Time and Tide wait for none”. So value your time and do not waste it.>Happiness in Little Things.

Bottom line:

In this blog, we discuss overthinking a problem, its causes, and its solution. Here we discuss five ways to stop it. There are others ways also to stop overthinking. If you have any other solution share it in the comment section.

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