It is well said, “A good book is better than an evil friend.” Books are a good companion on a lazy day or an alone journey. Books not only accompany us in a lazy day, but it also enlightens our mind and soul. Reading helps in self-motivation and enhances minds creativity.

But each book is not understandable by everyone. There are many kinds of books like fiction, Non-Fiction, self-help books, novel, and many more. People have a different choice as per their interests. Some people love reading Novels, and some people prefer fiction, while some prefer non-fiction too.

Many Indians like reading books written by Indian authors, while some prefer foreign authors. The reason behind preferring Indian authors is, language is more understandable in comparison with the writing of foreign authors.

So here we discuss some goods books that I suggest everyone read at least once. These books not only enlighten the mind but leads you to the path of success. After reading these books you will experience many changes in your personality and life. Reading these books changes the way you think and help in self-development.

1. Time Management:

Time management is one of the best books I have ever read, written by an Indian Author “Sudhir Dixit.”I have read this book around 5-6 times, and I recommend everyone to read it. As the name says Time management, this book is divided into two sections characterize into lessons. Book tells both successful and unsuccessful people got 24 hours each day. It is a person’s ability how they utilize it and manage it and makes up their life. Whenever I got distracted and lazy, I read this book. For more details read the book, it is easily available on the market and online at a reasonable price. And also check out the details here in our previous article.

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2. Life’s Amazing Secret:

Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life, is the best-selling book written by well known Guru, “Gaur Gopal Das.” Gaur Gopal Das is a well-known monk, motivational speaker, and lifestyle coach. Das completes his education as, an electrical engineer from the College of Engineering, Pune. After a brief stint with HP, he decided to live as a monk in an ashram in Mumbai. The book specifies how to maintain balance in life and relationship. In this book, the

Guru compares life with a four-wheel car and explains how every wheel is Important for a proper balance of life. Life’s Amazing Secrets is a refreshing accessible guide that can help man in conquering the daily battle and align him with his purpose in life.

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3. Dhandha:

Dhandha means business, it is a term used to refer to trade in India. The book is written by the well-known author “Shobha Bondre”, which describes the life story and journey of Gujrati Entrepreneurs. The book narrated glorifying Gujarati culture and courage. The reasons for the roaring success of the Gujaratis are their sharp intellect, tremendous willpower, and incredible capacity for hard work.

This book inspires everyone to explore and expand more to go ahead in life, with the Gujarati’s way of branding and bonding.

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4. Wake Up Life is Calling:

Wake Up Life is Calling is written by India’s well-known author “Preeti Shenoy”. She is on the Forbes India longlist of the most influential celebrities. In this book, Preeti carved the life story of a young girl Ankita. The girl fought a mental disorder and survived two suicide attempts. The girl undergoes medication, the girl wants to live a normal life like others, the girl wants to study and make friends. But living a normal life is not easy for the one who survived a destroying past. The book taught, how by changing our thoughts, we can change our life itself.

5. Dare To Dream:

Dare to Dream: A Life of Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi is written by columnist and bestselling author “Bachi Karkaria”. She is a pioneer in Indian journalism, and the creator of brands for the Times Group. The book describes the life story of M.S. Oberoi, the father of an Indian hotelier. The book showcases how the man from humble beginnings transformed into the father of the Indian hotel industry. Bachi Karkaria describes how a boy from a small village became the head of an internationally celebrated hotel chain. Rai bahadur also shows how a major business is built up, run, and kept on top. It is the best self-help book that keeps us cheered and motivated.

Bottom Line:

The list of best books by Indian authors is very long. But I read all these books and must recommend everyone to read them. The content in each book is not similar. Dhandha and Dare to Dream taught the lessons of the entrepreneurship journey and how to keep it on top. Time management teaches, how we manage our time. Life’s Amazing secret helps in balancing every aspect of our life and how to live happily. And Wake up life is calling taught how one should cope up with past incidents and try to live normal life happily.

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