What is Keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment for hair makes wavy and curly hairs straight and smooth. After keratin treatment hairs become frizz-free, smooth, and shinier. It makes hair look more healthy and beautiful. This treatment is also known as Brazilian treatment or “Brazilian blowout.”

There are other methods also to make hair straight and frizz-free like hair rebonding. People get confused, which method must be preferred to get straight hair. Some people prefer hair rebonding along with keratin treatment to get better results, but it increases costs

In this article, we are trying to answer a few questions that come to one’s mind when planning to take treatment. So if you are planning to get a keratin treatment, then read the full post to know more about it. 

Is it possible to do Keratin Treatment for hair at home?

The answer is “Yes”. We can do keratin treatment at home. But the results for the treatment done in the salon are better than the treatment done at home. Before trying keratin treatment for hair at home, read the full instructions carefully. And make sure all needed instruments and ingredients are available.

Some people claim they can do keratin treatment with natural ingredients present at home. And their results are good, and it doesn’t have any potential side effects. Keratin treatment using natural ingredients makes hair look more healthy, shiny, and frizz-free. But its results don’t last so long as compared with treatment done at a salon. If you are doing this treatment at home, you can do it at least once every week.

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How Much Time is required For This Treatment ?

It took around 2-4 hours to complete the procedure keratin of treatment done at a salon. And also, timing depends on your hair volume, texture, and products used in treatment. The procedure is very much similar to hair rebonding as the steps include hair wash with shampoo, blow-dry, applying keratin solution, left hair to set, again blow-dry, and straightening. After treatment, it is advised not to tie hair with a band and pins. Also, follow a good hair care regime to get better and long-lasting results.

Is there any Side Effects on Hair After Taking Treatment

Keratin is a natural protein in skin, nails, and hair. This protein is responsible for the healthy growth of nails and hairs. And makes skin and hair look more healthy and beautiful. Food like egg, salmon, beef liver, fish oil, etc is a rich source of this protein. But sometimes the amount of protein intake is not sufficient for the healthy growth of hair and skin. So some external methods must be applied to make hair strong and beautiful. 

Keratin treatment for hair needs ingredients that contain chemicals like formaldehyde. In research, it is found this chemical is very harmful and can cause cancer. And also this chemical has other side effects. It can also cause itching in the eyes, running nose, irritation in the eyes, irritation in the scalp, hair loss, nose, and throat infection.

Bottom line:

Keratin treatment for hair has proven very good for dull and dry frizzy hair. After the treatment has been done hairs become shinier, frizz-free, and straight. So if you want healthy and shiny hair go with it. But it is advised to take this treatment from an expert and opt for a good quality product. Because sometimes to reduce costing people use low-quality products that are harmful. That may result in hair damage and hair loss along with other problems. And it is possible to do keratin treatment for hair home also if you don’t have a budget you will try it at home also.

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