Some Foods To Avoid In Periods To Reduce Pain

Some Foods To Avoid In Periods To Reduce Pain – Period Cramps are a problem for all women. Periods are part of women’s lives and every woman goes through them. Women have a difficult time in their menstruation days, as they suffered from mensuration cramps, abdominal pain, headache, fatigue, and back pain. This pain also results in mood swings and adversely affects daily activities. 

Nowadays periods are a challenge for women as they struggled to manage their full day job along with managing household works too. To get rid of such severe pain many women start taking pain killers every month. However, painkiller intake is not good for the body, as it has many adverse side effects too.

Foods To Avoid Periods:

Likewise, many food items are recommended during periods to manage them in a better way. Here we discuss some foods to avoid in periods to reduce pain. So always remember what not to eat to fight period cramps better. So check it out here.

  1. Processed Food/Pickle:

 To avoid instant cramps and abdominal pain, one should avoid eating processed food like Papad, Noodles, Pasta, Pickle, and Sauce. As we know during the mensuration cycle hormones fluctuate and ingredients present in processed food are not good for it. So avoid eating processed food during your menses.

  1. Excessive Drinking of Tea and Coffee:

Excessive drinking of caffeine is not good for health. As caffeine cause bloating and water retention and increase discomfort in period cramps. Avoid intake of dairy products and try any herbal tea or green tea.

  1. Salty Food/ Packaged Food:

Nowadays girls are tempted of eating packaged food like chips, kurkure, namkeen, and savories. All these food items contain a good amount of salt. Avoid eating salty food in your menses to reduce bloating. And thus see improvement in your hard days.

  1. Alcohol:

As we already know alcohol consumption is not good for health, it can cause many diseases including lungs failure. Alcohol consumption during menses can cause severe headaches and bloat. In addition, it can also cause diarrhea and other digestive issues. So it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol during mensuration days.

  1. Sugary Food:

Food that contains a higher amount of sugar results in bloating. So it is advisable to avoid food that contains higher sugar levels especially artificial sugar items. Processed food like candies, bars, and soda especially to keep it is not to eat list during menses. You can add dates to your diet to satisfy your cravings as it is a healthy option.

  1. Dairy Products:

As we know dairy products are a rich source of calcium and calcium is essential for bone density. But skip the milk and other dairy products from your diet during menses. As the dairy product contains arachidonic acids, that induce prostaglandins that can result in abdominal cramps.

Bottom line:

Periods aren’t easy for women, it can cause discomfort and affect daily routine too. At this time women’s body goes through several hormonal changes, that can lead to nausea, fatigue, and cramps in the body. It can also result in mood swings and depression. It is a natural process and every woman goes through it. Since it is painful, we can’t change it.

But proper and healthy diet, and exercise will be helpful. In addition, women must be aware of what to it and what’s not. So some food items mentioned above to avoid cramps and problems that happened during menses.

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