10 Best Women’s Face Trimmers At A Reasonable Price

Clear and glowing skin is a dream for every woman. But facial hairs are a big hindrance. To get beautiful and flawless skin women need to remove facial hair from their skin. There are many ways to remove facial hair like threading, waxing, and other treatment for facial hair removers. But all these methods need extra time, money, and expertise.

As the technology rises, face trimmers are available in the market and can easily remove facial hairs from the skin without spending extra money on salons. So here, we will discuss the 10 best women’s face trimmers available in the market that gives outstanding results.


 Philips touch-up HP6388 trimmer is the best choice and a good tool for facial hair removal. It enables you to quickly and easily remove the fine hairs from your face without moving out for the salon. Its size is compact, so you can easily carry it in your bag. 

It is powered by a battery so that it can be used, anywhere without any electric connection. A small brush comes along with it for cleaning the trimmer. It can give effective results on the face, bikini area, and underarms.


Another grooming product for women on the list is Wahl 09865-2924 trimmer. The trimmer provides long-lasting results, and it is specially crafted, for eyebrows, underarms, and bikini lines. The trimmer has steel blades, and it is safe to use it. The blades can be easily cleaned, and it is durable. 

It is a skin-friendly product but if you have sensitive skin, or you have any other skin problems consult with a dermatologist. 

The trimmer has a rechargeable battery having a run time of approximately one hour. For safekeeping, a pouch is included in the kit.

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This tiny product gives remarkable results. Yes, I am telling you about Braun face mini hair remover FS1000. The tiny electric trimmer has a Led light that tells you when to recharge it. It is portable and can easily carry anywhere you want.

It is a very effective product that removes even thin hairs also. That can remove thick hairs too from the face. The hair removal is so consistent, as your skin looks more clean and clear


Qwebars women’s hair remover is another product on the list that can be operated easily and provide effective results. The trimmer can be used in both dry and wet conditions. After complete application of hair removal, you will get clean and smooth skin without any patches and rashes.

The product gives effective results in areas like cheeks, underarms, and bikini lines too. It is advised, girls below 16 years of age do not use it.


Veet is a well-known brand everyone knows about it. Along with Veet hair removal cream Veet launches, Veet sensitive touch expert trimmer for providing effective results. This trimmer is well crafted and its design is compact and looks very elegant. 

It is a waterproof trimmer and can be used in both wet and dry conditions. And it can be precisely designed for various body parts. It is powered by a battery and can be easily carried anywhere. The kit includes a precision head, cleaning brush, bikini head combs and attachment, and battery.

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As the name suggests, it is a 7 in 1 Beauty trimmer, it is designed for various body parts and the product contains 7 attachments. The trimmer is a solution for various problems, it is best suited for full and body. 

It is precisely designed and included 7 attachments with a rounded blade to remove the finest hairs from the nose, forehead, eyebrow, sideburns, and upper lips. And it can easily remove hairs from legs, hands, underarms, and bikini lines too.

It is a portable trimmer, powered by a battery. The complete kit includes a trimmer, USB C-type cable, cleaning brush, waterproof bag, and instruction manual.

  1. Mayan Cobra 2 in 1 Portable eyebrow trimmer for women:

It is a portable product and can be easily carried anywhere during traveling. Its looks like a lipstick ad very convenient for removing eyebrow hairs. The point design is proved to be very effective for shaping eyebrows. And with the round head one can easily remove facial hairs, leg hairs, arm hairs, underarms, and bikini parts too.

It can be easily used, just switch on the button and gently rub in a circular direction on the area you want to remove hairs. For better results, it can be applied to wet skin.

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  1. EIRMON Portable eyebrow trimmer for women:

Eirmon trimmer is specially designed for giving you a perfect eyebrow shape. It is precisely designed and can be used on top and bottom of eyebrows to easily remove unwanted hairs and give your brows a perfect shape. It is a portable lipstick shape trimmer that can be easily carried in a handbag.

Removing unwanted hairs and perfect brow shape is now possible without moving out and spending money on the salon with this trimmer. The 18K gold plated head is gentle for all skin types and gives you perfectly smooth skin. It is recommended to use this trimmer on dry skin and can be used without any cream or lotion.

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  1. Harry Enterprise Women’s Painless Face Hair Remover:

The trimmer is a very good product in this price range that satisfies all your requirements. This one product can serve many purposes including facial hair removal and shaping your brows in just one push. It has pushed out switch mechanics, you just need to push out the switch and use it.

A LEd light is inbuilt in it so can easily see very thin hairs and remove them. It is compact in size and can be taken anywhere you want. The 18K gold plated head ensures it is safe to use on any skin type.

It can be recommended to be used on clean and dry skin. Do not apply any cream or lotion before hair removal application.

  1. Painless 4 in 1 Nose Eyebrow Removal Electric Upper Lip Shaver Razor for Women, Pink:

Removing unwanted hairs becomes very easy with the 4 in 1 trimmer. You just need to switch it on and rub it in a circular direction in the area of unwanted hairs without moving out for the salon.

You don’t need any expertise or spend extra time on this hair removal method. It is a very simple, easy, and very quick method. To complete the application you just need 5-10 minutes.

This tiny pink color epilator looks very cute. The blades of the trimmer are made up of Stainless steel, so it is safe to use it. Do not apply any cosmetic, or cream before this application for safe results.

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Face trimmers or facial trimmers are essential for all those women who are concerned about their beauty and maintaining proper hygiene. Removing unwanted facial hairs using home remedies is possible but it’s a bit time-consuming. If you are in a rush then face trimmers are the perfect option. There are any face trimmers available in the market and picking the best face trimmer is not a very hard part. In this article, we discuss on 10 best women’s face trimmers, their features, how to use them, and their application. You can pick anyone from the list as per your requirement and budget.