10 Best Hair Straighteners In India For Girls

Girls, do you love straight and shiny hair? Are you upset due to thick and curly hair? No problem. There are many methods for straightening hair like hair rebonding, keratin treatment. But hair straighteners are effective for straightening hair in minutes. In this article, we will discuss the best hair straighteners in India for girls.

And along with that, we also add a buying guide on selecting the best straightener according to your hair quality. Every girl doesn’t have the same type of hair. Some girls have thin hair, while some have thick and curly hair.

We also try to answer some of the constantly asked questions about hair straighteners. So let’s launch and check out here.

 1. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips is a popular brand with having a good name in the request. The Philips HP8302 straightener comes with ceramic plating for smooth gliding. The straighteners plate size is ideal for short hair; those of you with short hair can rest easy, safe from becks that sneak up on you.

The temperature range up to 210 °C, which is a good temperature and not enough to spawn damage. The straightener gets heats up in only 60 seconds and comes with SilkPro care, which works to reduce heat exposure.


  •  Nice product with smooth plates.
  •  Straightener is easy to use.
  • Cheap straightener under budget.


  •  Not suitable for thick hairs.
  • There’s only one temperature that’s fixed. So no option for changing temperature.

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 2. Philips HP8316/ 00 Kerashine Hair Straightener 

Analogous to the Essential Selfie straightener, much of the specialized specs are the same for this bone. The Kerashine iron is designed especially for girls with frizzy, thick, and long hair. The straightener itself heats up in a minute to a temperature of 210 °C and has a SilkPro watch to help excessive heat exposure.

Philips Straightener is equipped with a special ION functionality to give you ringlet-free smooth hair. It has 2 professional temperature settings and is equipped with a1.8 m heat-safe cord.


  •  It heats up lower than a nanosecond.
  • Smooth to operate.


  • Temperature isn’t in control. It took many seconds to make it hot, and the temperature was too high

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 3. Nova NHS-900 Professional Hair Straightener

Still, this Nova straightener should be in your wain right now, If affordability is what you’re going for also. Convenience is crucial with this one, with 30 seconds heat-up time, a durable cord, and an easy cinch for the storehouse. It also has ion exertion to take care of the ringlet and give you the shine you want. With the ceramic coated plates, you get four temperature settings, from 160 °C to 220 °C.

The compact figure and high-quality factors made Nova Hair Straighteners make a durable, trip-friendly particular care appliance. This Hair Straightener with ceramic coating plates is ideal for regular use and are easy to maintain.

Thoughtful additions similar as the power index light, lockable handle, and 360 swivel power cord with hanging circle make this straightener Haircare Experience safe and hassle-free.


  • Quality is astonishing compared to this price range.
  • Heat plates are ceramically carpeted, so there is no chance to burn.
  • Not too big to handle.
  • The power string handed is long enough.


  •  It does not get hotted up enough to unbend your hair.
  •  The temperature control does not work.

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 4. Philips BHS673/ 00 Mid End Straightener

 With a SplitStop technology to help split ends and an especially designed detector to ensure the heat exposure is not too important, this is a nearly professional-grade straightener. It has Keratin-invested ceramic plates that make for ultra-smooth gliding, and it comes with 11 professional temperature settings, with fast heat up in 30 seconds. It also has bus shut-off installation and a heat-safe cord for safety, which means all you could look for in a straightener, this bone has.


  •  It has seven temperature settings ranging from 160 * C-230 * C catering to all hair types ( fine, normal, and thick).
  • It is not too heavy and is trip-friendly.


  •  Still, without hair, spot it on lasts about 3 to 4 hrs; if you want your to unbend for further than 6 hrs, use hair spray to set your hair.
  •  It takes too important a time to start and automatically get off.

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 5. Philips HP8317 Kerashine Jojoba Straightener

With defensive ceramic coating and Keratin infusion technology, the Jojoba straightener from Philips focuses on giving you shine and smoothness. It’s also equipped with Ion Conditioning to take care of hair that’s redundant frizzy. It has a fast heat-up time of 60 seconds and a bus-shut-off medium after one hour.


  •  The product is worth it.
  • It heats up under a nanosecond.


  •  There is no temperature control. Just an on/ off button.
  • No bus cut mode. You have to switch off the button if the temperature gets too high.

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  6. SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

 The stylish straightener from Syska is a safe bet for cheap straighteners that do the introductory job well. It comes with ceramic plates at a fund-friendly price for better heating and a smoother experience while you use it. It has a heat-up time of one minute, and indeed at a bus-off function and a cinch for the handles.


  •  Veritably easy to use, lightweight.
  • Heats presto and gives a silky smooth texture.


  •  It has no temperature control and heats to 230C.
  • Suitable for thick hairs.

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 7. Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener

 The straightener from Nova has digital control, ceramic carpeted plates, and nano- tableware technology. It has a quick heat-up speed of 30 seconds, and the temperature can be controlled from 160 °C to 220 °C. A really good thing about it’s that it can be used on wet hair.


  •  This straightener is easy to use.
  • Hair remains straight until you wash them. It gives shine to hair.


  •  The price is a little too high.

 8. Remington S3500 Hair Straightener

 This straightener world-famed brand comes in its heat- evidence poke and has a seating capacity of over to 230 °C. It gets heated fast at the speed of 15 seconds and comes specially equipped with longer ceramic plates, making it good for heavy-duty operation.


  •  Instant heat up takes many mins to get hot.
  •  It manages to unbend the regrowth to match my treated hair nearly.


  •  There is also an on/ off switch rather than a button.

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 9. Ikonic Pro Hair Straightener

This particular hair straightener from Ikonic is not as well known as the other brands. Its tourmaline ceramic plates emit gentle, far-infrared heat that’s a lot kinder to your hair and better at barring ringlet fluently. It has an Led display, with a malleable temperature option with a range of 150 °C To 230 °C. It has a quick heat up and recovery and a one-hour bus shut off function.

Beveled Edges for uncurling, baptizing, and volumizing. Bus plastic floating plates give easy glide baptizing with no gaps or pulling. One hour Bus Shut Off serves an extra-long, 9ft professional length cord and a 360 ° distraction-free swivel cord.


  •  Hair straightener with temperature control.
  •  Beautiful Professional looking.
  •  Clean finish and stylish.
  •  Longline 9 bottom
  • Professionally straight hair in one stroke


  • The plates aren’t aligned duly, so the hair that passes through the aft side of the plates doesn’t get uncurled at all.

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 10. Kemei KM-328 Professional Hair Straightener

With smooth 100 percent ceramic plates and a compact body, this straightener from Kemei is a favorite for numerous people who want an affordable introductory straightener. However, this is the one to get, and I want to try one and see how it is.

With 4 position temperature control, style your hair from curly to straight at home without professional help.

The long swivel cord ensures inflexibility, ease, and comfort while using. Featuring ceramic plates, the device heats up snappily within 30 seconds, and you need not have plugged it in hours ahead.


  • For a quick smoothening of hairs, the product is worthy. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Use it with any hair heat protectants.


  • It makes the hair a little dry, so you’ll get better results if you first add a serum or heat protectant cream.

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Buying Guide

Know your purpose

There are several hair straighteners — some are cordless, some are small and handy, while others have wires. However, a small trip-sized straightener will work for you, If you are an avaricious rubberneck. Also, if you only unbend out your borderline, a small bone will work just fine. But if you do have coarse hair that is delicate to unbend, use a bigger one.

Consider your hair type

The further problematic your hair type, the wider the hair straightener plates should be. It means if you have tight ringlets that are delicate to manage, you need a hair straightener with wider plates, but narrow plates can be used for short, crimpy hair that’s comparatively easier to manage.

Check temperature settings

You might suppose that the hotter a straightener can get, the better it is. But those high temperatures are mischievous to your hair. However, your hair might end up getting fried in the heat, If you have fine hair. So make sure you should check the temperature setting before picking a hair straightener.

 Choose your plates

There are a number of straighteners with different plates available in the market. However, know that titanium is durable and featherlight If you see titanium plates in a hair straightener. But ceramic carpeted plates toast up rather presto and can burn your hair if the temperatures are too high. It means try looking for a straightener with titanium plates as they will transfer heat unevenly.

Choose right quality

When it comes to copping a hair straightener, understand that you’re dealing with your hair. A cheap hair straightener might be reasonable but when it comes to your hair, choose a straightener that’s of good quality. Invest in a product that will do lower damage to your permanents.



Before buying any straighteners must check your requirement and budget. And also, know all the necessary tips and precautions while using straighteners. The products mentioned above are from reputed brands, but you must check the description before purchasing. In the article, we highlight stylish hair straighteners in India and their specific features, pros, and cons.

 I hope all the details will help make your purchase easy and worthwhile.


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