10 best women’s electric razors for coarse hair available

Removing unwanted hair is a problem for every woman all over the world. Shaving is a good option, but the need is to find the best women’s electric razors for coarse hair.

Every woman wants clean and beautiful skin. But all women didn’t have the same kind of skin. Like men’s women’s to have hairs on the skin and it doesn’t look good. And removing these hairs sometimes feels terrible, and it is time-consuming too. There are many methods to remove coarse hairs like waxing, hair remover cream, and trimming. The best way is to use electric razors for coarse hairs.

This article assembles a list of the best women’s electric razors for coarse hair. For more information, check it out here.

1.Philips Satin Shave Wet & Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver  for Women’s

The Philips Satin Shave is a universal shaver that can shave both the arms and legs. The elegant part is that it’s water-resistant, which means you can indeed use it while having a shower. The cutting-edge blades made up of stainless blades are designed to offer you the smoothest and faster shave whenever you use them.

Its non-allergenic system protects your skin from any aggravation, creaks, rashes while shaving. The shaver is also equipped with a travel cap to carry it while traveling.


  • Operates in both Wet and Dry conditions
  • Provides a Quick Shave
  • Great for Sensitive Skin


  • Painful Shaving for Thick Hairs
  • Quite costly
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 2. Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver

 The Panasonic ES2207P is another stylish women’s shaver that provides a smoother and effortless paring experience. Its three independent paring heads move in agreement with the angles, which gives you a close shaving every time you use it.

Highlighting a Pop-up trimmer, it’s a perfect choice for removing long hairs no matter where you have them. It also has a defensive antipode which protects your skin from vexation and gives you a scrape lower slice.


  • Pop-up Trimmer Included
  • A Defensive Antipode Included
  • Flexible Heads


  • Takes further than 12 hours to charge completely
  • Gives only 25-30 twinkles of the slice
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 3. Lavany Women’s Rechargeable Shaver

An adaptable and easy-to-use rechargeable shaver that will keep your legs and underarms looking fresh and gorgeous. It works efficiently in wet and dry conditions. The lavany shaver also features three twisted blades specially designed to give you a near slice in hard-to-reach body areas.

 It features a defensive comb that protects your skin from vexation, scrapes, rashes, etc. Once charged, can give paring for further than 60 twinkles.


  • Wet and Dry Shaver
  • One Time Guarantee
  • Multiflex Head design


  • Charging takes a long time
  • Precious Relief of Blades
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 4. Remington WSF4810 Women’s Shaver

 Another stylish woman’s electric razor for coarse hair with three blades offers you the smoothest and fastest paring experience. It can be used in dry and wet conditions since it is fully water-resistant. The design ensures that you feel pleasant while keeping it in your hands.

It is the best choice for those people who want to shave coarse hairs. Due to its chargeable capability, you can carry it wherever you want and have a slice whenever you want.


  • Trip-Friendly
  • Affordable Price


  • Doesn’t give a close slice
  • It can’t be used to shave bikini area
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 5. Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Wet & Dry Shaver Rechargeable

 Butterfly Pro 5H is another stylish woman’s electric razor for coarse hairs with more than five blades, offering you a smoother and near slice in every usage. The heads are flexible and designed in such a way to move according to the body angles, which gives a closer paring experience.

 Instead of straight paring, it provides you an indirect stir paring which glides over the angles of your body easily. The best feature is that it doesn’t irritate your skin while you have a slice on any body area.


  • Unique Design
  • Easy to Hold
  • Stylish for Sensitive Skin


  • Needs further than one pass for proper paring
  • You may find it hard to hold it if you have small hands
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 6. Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 Electric Shaver

It is one of my pets in terms of performance, works great both in wet and dry conditions. It features a broadhead to give you a near slice every time you use it. Its flexible head and neck are designed to move according to the body angles.

The stylish part is that it’s chargeable and formerly charged; it can give you paring for as long as 40 twinkles. Another great thing about this boychick is it comes with further than seven redundant paring accessories like a trimmer, a bikini comb, a charging stage, etc.


  • Workshop well in both the dry and wet conditions
  • Comes on with seven redundant paring accessories
  • Smoother and Faster paring experience


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Quite Precious
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 7. Schick Hydro Silk Electric Shaver

 Works just like a two-edged brand, this boychick features a razor on one side and a bikini comb on the other. It also has a serum beaker that moisturizes your skin for further than 2 hours after the slice. The five blades made up of the new sword are designed in such a way to give you a near piece every time you use it.

 This shaver also features a customizable trimmer that can be acclimated according to your preferences. Although it’s an excellent electric shaver, the only strike is that the cache of blades is relatively precious.


  • Razor and trimmer in one
  • A Moisturizer included for free
  • Workshop great for trimming hairs


  • Renewals are relatively precious
  • No plastic cover to cover the shaver
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 8. Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator

 Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator is very convenient for women with five attachments similar to Epilator Head, Shaver head, Bikini comb, and Pop-up trimmer.

 It’s1.25 elevation wide, which removes hair inside the skin with the rotating tweezers. A cordless boychick with a bright LED and a satiny and leakproof body that you can use fluently.


  • It is convenient with five attachments.
  • Rotating tweezers work best for ingrown hairs.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It can start rusting if left to dry inside the hogshead
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 9. Braun Silk Epilator For Women

 Braun Silk Epilator for women is a perfect and effective tool, and it keeps you down from the solicitude of leaving short hairs back into the skin and performing in harshness on the skin.

 It ensures to remove the most delicate hair on your face and can be sued as a bikini trimmer well, and it proves to be the kind epilator on your body. It has a head and trimmer cap that is nearly Painful and ensures your comfort. This boychick is recommended for women who have high hair growth, and this boychick won’t only hide them but also wholly remove them.


  • It can be used as epilator, trimmer, and shaver
  • Removes all ingrown hair
  • Easy to clean


  • Can break fluently if not handled with Care
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 10. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women’s

 The Smooth Skim Technology of Remington Electric Shaver provides comfort, closeness, and convenience. An open blade cutting system acts as a unique companion for every stylish result.

 The Head Shaving blades are set up to trim the hair from any angle. It has been made up with the new open blade system that makes it accessible in showers or with paring gels. The flex binary-sided trimmer protects your skin from getting harsh and keeps it nourished to give you ultimate comfort.


  • Unique Blade System
  • Leak proof
  • Easy to clean


Needs to be handled with care

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should I Use Electric Razor for Coarse Hair?

 Using the electric razor for coarse hair is crucial because it helps ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and nicks. However, you may end up with ingrown hairs, which beget greenishness, If you use the wrong razor. Also, using the right razor protects from razor bumps, which are painful and uncomely.

 What to see in an Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver has two main corridors, the motor, and the blade. The machine turns the blades at high speed, cutting hair into small pieces. The edges are generally made from ceramic or plastic, and they’re attached to the head using an attraction. Some variants also come with a trimmer for trimming facial hair.

How To Use An Electric Shaver?

Using an electric shaver is easy. Just follow these instructions.

1.     Turn off the power switch.

2.     Remove the battery cover.

3.     Fit the blade into the niche.

4.     Turn the power switch back on.

Press down forcefully on the handle.

 The blades should spin freely when you follow these steps. However, try turning the switch off again and back on again, If they don’t.

 How to Shave Coarse Hair?

 You use a razor with a more extended handle and a smooth piece to shave coarse hair to be a clean slice. This allows you to hold the blade closer to your skin. Also, use a moisturizing cream

Is it OK to use the same electric razor for the face and body?

Yes, you can use the electric razor to shave your face and body. It will work well if you are careful when using the same razor on different areas of your skin. For illustration, if you accidentally cut yourself while paring your legs, you may need aches.

 Should I Use Electric Razor on My Face?

Yes, of course. If you want to shave your face, you can use an electric razor. An electric razor is safer than a blade since it doesn’t leave any hacks or scrapes on your skin.


 Here is the list of stylish women’s electric razors for coarse hair, which you can remove unwanted hair. While not all electric razors are the same, their abundance works excellent.

 Due to different opinions from women worldwide, the stylish choice may vary from one woman to another. It entirely depends on your own particular experience to decide which works brilliantly for you.

Now, it’s entirely over to you which one to choose and which falls within your budget. Now you know the stylish best women’s electric razors for coarse hair. Stop fussing about ingrown hair and enjoy the beautiful skin.

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