Smooth and straight hair has always been a trend and an obsession in beauty, especially for women. And as we all know that a hairstyle can make or break the look. So are you the one who is tired of home remedies and planning to go to a salon for healthy and straight hair? But you want to know the difference between keratin and smoothing! Then you are in the right place. Just read further to know more!

Before knowing the difference, firstly, we must understand what keratin and smoothing treatment is so we can differentiate easily. It will be helpful for you to select any of these treatments for your beautiful hair.

In today’s article, you will read about 

  • What is a keratin treatment?
  • What is a Smoothing treatment?
  • A significant difference between Keratin and Smoothing 
  • Closure- What should you go for?

1. What is a keratin treatment?

Keratin is a natural and protective protein in our hair, skin, and nails. However, with time, using chemicals and heating tools, our hair loses its natural protein, keratin. So keratin treatment is a process in which protein is added to your hair artificially to make your hair healthier, smoother, and shinier. It does not involve long-term straightening but focuses more on adding protein to your hair. 

In keratin treatment, the product will fade away with every wash and lasts for 3 to 4 months with a proper hair care routine.


Hair washes with shampoo>Blow dry> Straightening> Application of keratin solution and keep for 20 mins> Again blow dry followed by flat iron to lock the keratin, and you are done with the treatment.

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2.)What is a smoothing treatment?

Smoothing is a chemical treatment for temporarily straightening hair. It is a deep conditioning method. This treatment makes your hair smooth, manageable, shiny, and straight. So if you have wavy or curly hair, this treatment is your savior. Smoothing makes your hair frizz-free and straight for 6 months or up to 1 year if you properly take care of your hair after the treatment as per your stylist’s instructions.


Hair wash> Hair mask (formaldehyde solution for 20 to 30 min)>wash and blow dry> straightening> Again repeat the procedure with the hair mask followed by a wash, blow dry, and again straightening, and you are done. Post-treatment, you will be instructed to leave your hair for up to 3 days without washing, take care, and then return to the salon for a final hair wash.

3.)Major difference between keratin and smoothing treatment:


  • KERATIN- This treatment makes your hair appear thicker and shinier. It is a therapeutic hair treatment.
  • SMOOTHING- Smoothing makes your hair naturally straight and smooth. Hair becomes manageable,frizz-free, and tangled-free.


  • KERATIN- A chemical called formaldehyde is used in this treatment, due to which you may suffer from eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, headaches and nausea. You can also suffer from hair fall if keratin treatment is done appropriately. So be very careful while choosing a salon for your beautiful hair.
  • SMOOTHING- You can suffer from hair fall if this chemical treatment is not done correctly.


  • KERATIN- Keratin treatment aims to restore protein or is mainly done to add protein to your hair. It fills open pores on your scalp and repairs the damage in your hair, making it strong and healthy.
  • SMOOTHING- This treatment focuses on making hair smooth, straight, manageable, and shiny. No protein is added to your hair during the smoothing treatment.


  • KERATIN- Hair appears thicker, shinier, and ordinarily straight.
  • SMOOTHING- After smoothing, hair becomes smooth and silky straight in the long run. Hair becomes manageable.


  • KERATIN- It will fade away with every wash, and if you care correctly post-treatment, it can last up to 3 to 4 months.
  • Smoothing treatment lasts up to 6 months to 1 year, depending on how properly you took care of your hair.


  • KERATIN- Can do keratin on any hair type, like curly, frizzy, wavy, thick, thin, and even straight hair, because this treatment repairs your hair from the inside and improves the condition of your hair.
  • SMOOTHING- It is mainly done in curly or wavy thick hair to make them straight for a longer time. In addition to straightening, it also makes your hair smooth and shiny, so people with straight hair can also go for this treatment.


1.) Are smoothing and keratin treatments the same?

Both treatments are different. Keratin treatment involves the addition of protein where the structure of hair is not chemically altered, whereas smoothing the chemical composition of hair changes to making it straight and sleek tresses. Smoothing does not include the addition of protein.

2.)Can smoothing and keratin be done together?

The answer is yes. You should go for smoothing and keratin together to protect your hair from any damage and make your hair healthy, shiny, strong, smooth, and silky straight.

3.) Can I wash my hair 24 hours after keratin treatment?

The treatment becomes less effective if you wash your hair 24 hours after keratin treatment. So it is recommended to wash your hair after 48 to 72 hrs for effective results.


I hope this post helped you to solve your confusion. Smoothing and keratin treatment depends upon the texture and condition of your hair and you know the difference between keratin and smoothing. 

So if you have very curly, thin, and dry hair regardless of any hair type, whether straight or curly, and you want to improve the condition of your hair, then you can go for Keratin treatment as keratin makes your hair healthier, more robust, thicker, and shinier.

And if you are someone whose hair is wavy, curly, or straight but not manageable, then you can go for smoothing treatment as it makes your hair perfectly straight for a long time. 

You can also get a consultation from an expert hairdresser for the best advice. Also checkout related article.

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